Thursday, March 15, 2012

Potato Racing

I was in my room catching up on some emails when I heard a raucous coming from down the hall.  Laughing, cheering, and some loud music - which was justified in order to hear it above the kids. I ran down to find the kids in music ending the class with a little movement...actually a lot of movement. Mrs. Spangler was finishing up a lesson with some rhythm and body awareness activities. I loved it. Music is more than just singing - it encompasses the "whole body" engaging sight, sound, touch, and stirring up good feelings all around. What fun!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monte Recess

We're fortunate to have such a great college mascot right here in Missoula. Monte is pretty amazing and he sure gives back to the community, making appearances at community and school events all over town. As a reward to the entire Cold Springs kindergarten for meeting our reading goal for February "I Love to Read Month" - Monte took some time out of his busy day to spend a recess with us. What an awesome time! Thanks Monte!