Collaborative Projects

Greetings ~

I've opened this page that, for the moment, will be dedicated to our collaborative endeavors. In kindergarten we love collaboration. This kind of "working together" is at the heart of our learning. Not only do we love learning inside our classroom, we also love learning from, and with, anyone outside of our classroom as well. We are fortunate to have many many friends outside of Cold Springs that we share with and learn from.

In November, we had the opportunity to collaborate with another kindergarten class within our school district from Rattlesnake Elementary School. Mrs. Jarvis and I discussed a very simple collaborative project to start with. This project was a writing piece that required each child to write what they were thankful for. We exchanged our writing between the kindergarten classes and illustrated for our kindergarten friends. It was wonderful to read what our friends from Rattlesnake were thankful for.

In kindergarten we learn about becoming writers and authors. We also learn that authors will sometimes share their work with someone that will breath life into their writing with beautiful illustration. So here is the first collaborative work done with our newest kindergarten friends, right here in Missoula. We certainly loved illustrating for them, and thank you Mrs. Jarvis and Rattlesnake Kindergarteners for adding your wonderful artwork to our writing. We hope it is the start of a great friendship in the coming new year.

I Am Thankful by Rattlesnake Kindergarten

I Am Thankful by Cold Springs Kindergarten