Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome to the KF Dragons Blog - we're not just kids, but little dragons too!

Ready or not, here we come.  Thanks to all for your patience.  Next to balancing a pretty crazy first-six-weeks of kindergarten, I've been up in the air about the right time to open up our blog. I suppose, now is a better time than ever.  

At the moment this blog is in its simplest form.  I chose this template in the hopes that in the same way we grow and change throughout the year, so will our blog. I'm hoping it will look "way cooler" than it does now.  While I've managed a few blogs of my own in the past, I've never created one for my classroom.  I welcome any suggestions for things to add to our blog, as well as gadgets and other cool things you'd like to see.  I hope we'll find a "blogging-expert" out there that will lend us a hand. I'm pretty excited to take our teaching and sharing to a different space.  What a great way to share with a larger audience of friends, family, and hopefully other kindergarten classrooms around the state, around the country, or even around the world. 

For those of you unfamiliar with a blog - its kind of like an online journal or diary.  Its a place for sharing thoughts, ideas, pictures, projects.  If you can name it, you can blog about it. You can also collaborate with others by having them post a comment about something they enjoyed reading, or seeing.  Consider our blog a window into our classroom.  My goal is to update our blog with pictures, video, and posts of things going on every few days.  We'll check it as a class to see if anyone has left us a comment. The language will be casual, the setting informal - although no TEXT-TALK allowed (Lol!).  If any of our kiddos end up posting a thought or two, we'll be using complete sentences.  :)

In the end, I hope we'll all be able to look back at what an incredible year of growth, laughter, learning, and fun it has been in KF.  I welcome you to join us on our journey. ~ Mr. Fines


  1. I love the new blog! We can't wait to see pictures from the PEAS field trip!! Enjoy your day kindergarten! Michelle (Cole's mom)

  2. Wow!!!! How cool Kindergartners! Your very own blog. I am so excited to see all the fun things you do in the classroom and like how Mr. Fines said "its like a window to the classroom". YEAH!!! Thanks for the personal interviews Mr. Fines; I really enjoyed them. Talk to you soon, Michelle (Aidan's Mom) :)

  3. Hi Kindergarters...you guys are the best! ~ Mr. Fines

  4. Hi Kindergartners! I had a great time helping you all with your letters and zoo-phonics this morning. You guys all did an amazing job! Can't wait to see you all again next month. Have fun carving your pumpkins tomorrow. Doug(Sophie's Dad)