Monday, November 29, 2010

The Snowy Day

Well, I can't believe it's been over a week since our last post. Last Monday - our unexpected last day of school before the break - we experienced our very first snow day. It was the perfect opportunity to read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. At the time, it wasn't a lot of snow - but it was new and fresh - so we quietly geared up to be the first to make some tracks in the snow. It was a great time to get out and make some connections to what we read about in the book.


  1. Those tracks look AWESOME KF Dragons! I too love making tracks in fresh snow, especially snowboarding tracks :)

  2. We haven't had that much snow yet in Wisconsin. It will be soon though. We can't wait.

  3. Great tracks Dragons!! It looks like you had a lot of fun!! Cole, put on your snowboots please!! Mom

  4. Gracie says..."We like your video!!"
    Louis says..."We liked your criss-cross-applesauce when you were listening to our books."
    McKayden says..."We thank you for your song "The ABC one, but the animal one."
    Alexis says..."We liked all of your tracks, thanks for showing them."
    Brook says..."We like your tracks."
    Mackenzie says..."We like your video."
    Kahlela says..."Thank you for the video."
    Izzy says..."Thank you for showing us the video, I really like it!"
    Bella says..."I like visiting you, I'll see you next time."
    Kyraen says..."I like your video, visit us again soon."
    Dylan says..."I like your footprints, it's really cool. See you next time!"
    Aliyah says..."We liked your tracks, will you put another video next time you go out for first recess?"
    Jeremy says..."Thanks for the video, I loved it!"
    Derek says..."I liked your tracks. Make more next time."
    Owen says..."I really liked your video; thank you for the video."

    We were very entertained by the video and loved learning about the different types of tracks. I think we might do the same project!! Thanks for sharing what you do!

    You have also inspired us to come up with a name. We will now be know as the 1A Grizzly Bears :)

    Enjoy the snow!
    ~Mrs. Anderson and her cubs...