Monday, January 10, 2011


Greetings everyone! A few days ago we began a new math topic and have been learning about shapes. To date - we've discussed circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles. Those are the basic shapes, I know, but we have been connecting them to shapes we see in real life. We see rectangles in dollar bills, doors, and envelopes. We see squares in crackers, windows, and stamps...and so on. In fact, to day we learned about shapes that, when combined, create other shapes - for example, two triangles make a rhombus. Three triangles make a trapezoid. Two squares, make a rectangle. Those were a little challenging, but we'll keep practicing. For now, here is a quick video of the kids playing a geometry game using spinners, and counters. Being a roving reporter is the best part of the process (besides their learning, of course). You just don't know what you'll get. I do my best to show you authentic examples of learning. If all of our videos were perfect, or edited, that wouldn't exemplify "real" learning in the classroom. Don't mind the noise in the background. In kindergarten, that's what we call "learning in progress. Enjoy!


  1. Great job learning about geometry KF Dragons!!! I'm looking forward to volunteering on Tuesday. Have a great (long) weekend!

    - Margot (Alex's Mom)

  2. We are working on this too! Yesterday we worked in partners with the manipulatives to find how many triangles make a hexagon and trapezoid. For some it was a challenge. I think with some more exposure and practice it will be fine :) I pulled out the tanagram blocks and pictures for centers again. Wow, amazing to see the way children interacted with them after this lesson! Application is wonderful!