Friday, February 4, 2011

Friendship, Peace, Love, & Kindness

In January we spent a good week learning about and discussing Martin Luther King, Jr. In essence, we learned that Martin Luther King, Jr. changed the rules to make things fair. In kindergarten we spend so much time learning about character. We talk about and model friendship, peace, love, and kindness in our classroom.   There is something about the lessons of life that we learn during this time of the year that always brings a tear to my eye. It was a powerful moment in our country's history that paved the way for many of the freedoms we enjoy as a nation today. This video is a few weeks late in its production, but the dragons really put their hearts into this one and  I couldn't just let it go. Here is an Animoto that shares some of their thoughts, and illustrations on paper, accompanied by some very poignant words from Dr. King's famous I Have a Dream speech.


  1. Amazing Job Dragons! You are MARVELOUS Darlings! Said with a movie star wave for your Supstars! Love this!

  2. What a wonderful way to show your kindness KF Dragons!!