Thursday, November 17, 2011

We are thankful for 5th brade Buddies

One of the highlights during my year of teaching is to have a mentor (or buddy) classroom. We typically join forces with our neighboring 5th grade classroom down the hall. Several times each year we meet to do projects together, read to each other, or play some games and team building activities. Today we met our buddies for the first time to create our "I am thankful for..." books.  It is wonderful to for our littlest ones to have older kids to look up to. This relationship encourages confidence and self-esteem as kindergarteners proudly wave and give "hi-fives" to their buddies in the hallway and on the playground. It is also great to see our 5th grade students, in their final year of elementary school, take a little one under their wings while reminiscing about their days-of-old. I've never met a group of older students who didn't love spending some time with a kindergartener. The big-brother/big-sister instinct is strong, regardless of whether or not they have siblings themselves. I love the special memories we create throughout the year. Thank you 5B!

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  1. That's really cool to have a buddy like that, and I know they love it as you say. We're all thankful for teachers and friends that go the extra mile. Thanks kids and teachers at Cold Springs!