Monday, January 9, 2012

Wonderopolis Literacy Center

In October we were one of the proud recipients of the Wonderopolis mini-grants. We used our grant funds to purchase an iPad to use at our iWonderopolis literacy center  that I created for the classroom.  I introduced our new tablet to the class last week and spent some time discussing some basic rules for the center. When the kids arrived today, I had the center ready to go. We are super excited! We'll be sharing all the fun things we're learning and wondering!

It's a work in progress - we'll continue to add new and "wonderful" things that engage and spark curiosity. Our first task this week was to get a feel of what we'll be doing.  The dragons are assigned by pairs at the center. They visit Wonderopolis on the iPad and watch the "Wonder of the Day", or assigned wonder if a topic seems to be out of their reach.  After they watch the video, they write in the Wonderopolis Topic Journals. Here, they have a choice to write an "I wonder..." question (who, what, why, where, if, how, when), or an "I know that...:" statement.  They can write a question that they may continue to wonder about, or a fact-statement about something they learned. When they complete the task  I let them explore some of the educational apps that I have on the home-screen. (Hint - they can only use an app that isn't in a folder) I leave a few out that are germane to the topic, or skill, they are learning. There are many things in store in the coming months.

Thanks Wonderopolis & Better World Books!

Wonderopolis Literacy Center.

Laying down the ground rules!
"Stop talking Mr. Fines...and let us go to the center." Lol!
Checking out the "Wonder of the Day"
Wonderopolis Topic Journal

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  1. WOW! That looks like SO much fun kinderfriends! I'm sure you are discovering all sorts of wonderful things. Your teacher has such cool ideas!